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Looking for a different kind of assistance for your business?

We've got you covered.

Business Continuity Planning

Prepare your business for unexpected emergencies such as fire, flood, or another pandemic. Our Business Continuity Plan Tool is completely free to use and will help you prepare for, and respond to, business disruptions.

  • Analyze risks

  • Store critical business information

  • Prepare for disaster

  • Develop emergency strategies

  • Reduce risk

  • Develop communications plans

  • Identify hazards

  • Printable business continuity plan

Business Continuity Planning
Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

At Community Futures we believe that managing ongoing health or disability issues should not be a barrier to business success. Since 1997 our Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) has made it easier for entrepreneurs with disabilities or ongoing health conditions to pursue their business goals by providing access to a network of business professionals and resources.  

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Small businesses in rural areas have been hit hard by various challenges, such as wildfires, flooding, mill closures, and curtailments. The Disaster Recovery and Economic Adjustment Initiative (DREAI) offers relief funding and resources through the myCommunityFutures Platform to support our local businesses.

Eligible businesses can access free workshops, mentoring, coaching, and training for themselves and employees. These resources are tailored to rural business needs and aim to help them stay profitable and sustainable. Small business owners can also connect with other owners facing similar challenges and receive expert advice from professionals. 

Export Navigator

Export Navigator

Your market just got bigger! We help B.C. businesses diversify and grow by guiding them through the export process. Grow your business beyond B.C. with free one-on-one export support.

Venture Connect

Venture Connect is an online 1-on-1 concierge service connecting business sellers, owners, and communities across the province.

Buy or Sell a Business
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