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Business Planning Development Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Take your business concept from “great idea” to “open for business” in this 60 hour workshop which takes place over approximately 5 weeks.

We provide in depth information on all components of a business plan including a complete workbook, business plan template and financial planning template. You will receive one-on-one review and recommendations for your plan so that you are ready to launch your new business at the end of the program. Program cost $1,000 but is subsidized by CFOS for a cost of only $250.

Cost: $250.00 + Tax

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Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Want to learn about the importance of Social Media to business and how to incorporate a Social Media Plan into your Marketing Plan? This one day workshops is for you. We will cover Facebook for Business, LinkedIn and Twitter for Business, and Pinterest for Business.

Cost: $50.00 + Tax

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Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

It doesn’t just take a village to raise a child…it takes a village to raise a business as well. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely existence, especially if you are a sole owner and operator. Just because you are in business for yourself, doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself.

The good news is that, although we are hard-wired to not ask for help, research shows that the most successful people – from athletes to astronauts, engineers to entrepreneurs – all know to ask for help when they need it.

As entrepreneurs we move from idea through planning to launch and are reminded daily that we don’t know what we don’t know. Fortunately there are people available to help.

As George Patton said, “A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow”. As we launch and grow our business from our “good” plan, we face daily challenges that require quick decisions. Having a mentor can help you think fast on your feet. As you gather facts in order to make the best decision possible, a good mentor who has been there before can help to guide the way. We invite you to ask us for help.

Our mentoring program can help ensure you are on, and stay on, the right track for success. $197 + tax includes 4 hours of mentoring at your location (can be done in one, two or four sessions) and 1 hour of email or phone support.

Cost: $197.00 + tax

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